Mission Statement

The Rushmere Academy recognises that everyone is an individual and we place the emphasis on their social, emotional and physical needs and their intellectual development.

Our aim is to provide young people with an opportunity to change, develop life skills and a sense of value for themselves and others within a safe, caring and non-judgemental environment. We believe this will empower them to recognise their true potential and move forward successfully into their future life and career.

We strive for an atmosphere of co-operation, respect, equality and community values. We work and act as a family and invite our learners to enjoy the experience of being part of The Rushmere Academy.


What we believe.

Everyone is the sum total of their past experiences good and bad.

Everyone deserves to be given a chance in life.

Everyone has the potential to develop into a trustworthy, honest, caring and hard-working human being.

Everyone can become responsible for their own actions.

Everyone can find the motivation to succeed in life once they have
become willing to learn.

Everyone has something positive to give to the rest of mankind.

The Rushmere Academy | A place of special learning | Carpe Diem

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